February 25, 2021

Interview with Dave Carruthers

Owner of Purabeada fine bracelets and awake loving light in human form, Dave Carruthers and I talk about how to raise our vibrations and bring in the new world we see unflowering. We are all energy, everything is energy, and transcending our present dimension requires a shift in consciousness. Dave and I discuss how to raise our consciousness and be the change we want to see in the world. See Daves Purabeada fine products on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram and Purabeada.ca

It's been a while since my last podcast because I've been using this pandemic to dive-in to my-self. I explore how to expand your consciousness and navigate what is going on. Buckle-up, its going to be quite a ride into the new paradigm!

My guest is Kelly Childs, wife, owner of the famous Kelly's Bake Shoppe, social media goddess and business guru. We talk about the strains and solutions of being locked-down and how to rewrite your life and emerge a new-you.

There is something much bigger than the Coronavirus going on and its about to blow your mind in ways the world has never experienced before. This is the most incredible time to live on the history of the planet and we are in the middle of the greatest fight between good And Evil, right now, EVER! Brace yourself, it's going to be very difficult weeks ahead and you may not be able to process some of it. We are going to emerge like a butterfly from the womb into the Grand Awakening. Are you ready to Wake-UP!

I took 2 weeks to spend more time on social media to monitor how it affected me. Here is what happened...

January 20, 2020

How I Healed with Ayahuasca

There isn't quite anything like the deep-dive of Ayahuasca into your soul. After years of self-discovery and hard work looking into why I was still struggling with my past and wasn't happy, I finally embarked into the plant-based medicine of the Amazon and went down the rabbit hole. Here is what I found.

Big news!!!! I put serious intention into manifesting a dream and its happening! It's part of Conscious decisions. In this episode I talk about how I made something happen through conscious effort, and the pillars of manifesting the life you want So what does food have to do with it? Listen and learn something cool. 


If you are ever considering doing Ayahuasca, this episode is for you.

What was your best 2019 experience? Mine was going to Costa Rica and doing Ayahuasca for the second time and finding the answers to Life's biggest questions:

1- What is my purpose in this Life? 

2- Why am I here on Earth?

I also saw God. Seriously.




Do you have a chip on your shoulder? Does your partner, friend or spouse? How two painful events at age 3 and 7 created the story in my head that shaped my life shadowed in doubt, fear, lack of self-love and created a pattern of self-destructive behaviour. What happens to us early in childhood can follow us for the rest of our lives...and as long as we believe the story in our head, it can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Listen now.

My podcast is about Raising Your Consciousness, and here is my very first attempt to explain why I'm doing this. If it sounds good, then let me know, if it sounds crap, let me know- there might be a taco in it for you.

Thanks for listening- Better and more to come!

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